About Us

Pre-Employment Profiles, Inc. is the premiere provider of pre-employment screenings and executive level background investigations to California employers. As members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) we are committed to exacting standards, ethical practices and compliance with all federal and state regulations. As leading edge professionals in the background screening industry it is our mission to protect the integrity of your business, while guarding the rights of applicants. We are not a "one size fits all" service provider. Call us today and discover how we can provide you with the information necessary to always 'HIRE INFORMED!'


investigative-servicesComprehensive Background Checks:
Parker & Associates recently formed a fully free-standing company, Pre-Employment Profiles, Inc. with the sole mission of providing the highest quality pre-employment background screening available.  This service is also available for tenant applications and includes a credit report for all tenant applicants.

Executive Level and P.O.S.T. Law Enforcement Background Investigations: Thinking of hiring a CEO, CFO, COO or Executive Director?  Those applicants that make the “short list” should be submitted to an in-depth, Executive Level, background investigation prior to extending any offer of employment.

Public Safety agencies can depend upon the expertise of Parker & Associates’ two California P.O.S.T. Certified Background Investigators for accurate, timely and cost effective services.

Workers’ Compensation: AOE/COE & Stress Investigations: Business owners, insurance carriers, third party administrators, and legal representatives all know the importance of having a professional investigator who has an understanding of the issues; can obtain pertinent facts through the interview process, and write an accurate yet succinct report as being crucial in resolving these complex cases.  Parker & Associates is well recognized as the premiere workers’ compensation claims investigators in their service area.

Statement Analysis: Written and verbal Statement Analysis is utilized to ascertain the truthfulness or deception of answers provided to specific questions prepared and administered by our qualified statement analysis investigators.  Solve the mystery surrounding theft, fraud, harassment, stalking and other  forms of employee and managerial misconduct.

Corporate Theft, Fraud and Embezzlement: The principals of Parker & Associates are veteran fraud investigators: well trained, equipped and dedicated to the discovery of fraud.  If you suspect employee theft, fraud or embezzlement, we are available to conduct complex financial and record keeping fraud analysis in a confidential and discreet manner. The 2006 National Fraud Survey reported that the median loss of a fraud committed by a manager was found to be $218,000. (Corporate Fraud Handbook, 2nd Edition)

Sexual Harassment Claims: Harassment includes any conduct, whether verbal, visual or physical, which substantially interferes with an individual’s work performance.  It can also include any conduct that creates any form of hostile work environment, or intimidating or offensive work environment.  Sexual harassment is only one form of harassment. Harassment may exist based upon race, gender, sexual orientation as well as other protected classes of age, medical condition, mental disability, ancestry, national origin, color, and marital status.  Employers have an absolute duty to investigate all allegations or suspicions of harassment.

Serious & Willful and Discrimination Claims: Often these allegations and claims are associated with workers’ compensation claims or claims of discrimination.  When an employer fails to promptly and expertly investigate these claims they place the business in jeopardy of sanctions and awards that can be debilitating.

Due Diligence and Asset Checks: Due diligence is one of the most important considerations, whether contemplating a business joint venture, partnership, sale or purchase.  This type of investigation has one purpose:  that is to prevent you or your business from making a costly mistake that will be difficult to unravel.

Federal Level Criminal and Civil Court Searches: Most private investigators lack the sophistication and direct access to accurately research and provide Federal level research.  Parker & Associates can be depended on to provide these searches with accuracy at a reasonable price.

Witness Location and Interviews: If you have a difficult witness search, Parker & Associates will utilize state of the art databases combined with old fashioned shoe leather and skip trace techniques.  Witness interviews are conducted discretely and effectively.

Video Statements: Video-Audio services are available for depositions and witness statements.  Affordable and reliable, these are provided on short notice with state of the art equipment.   Don’t risk losing the voice inflection and body language.